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My Top 5 Influential Games

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neocryptic said...
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Wow, as I started this list, I was bombarded with memories of games that I just can't forget. So many great games on so many systems. It was really hard to choose. What I came up with wasn't a list of my favorite games, but a list of games that were influential at different points in my gaming.

1. Bonk's Revenge - Why? Because it was one of the first games video games I played and owned. When I was around 5, my uncle worked for NEC and got us a TurboGrafx 16 with quite a few games. I never looked back.
2. Tetris - It was what everyone fought to play in elementary school when we had recess inside. We'd all huddle around the computer and take turns in 2-player games. Yelling and tapping each other on the shoulders when things got intense.
3. Wolfenstein 3D - We spent hours and hours playing this game. Of course you could beat it relatively quickly, but we just kept playing anyways. If we had friends over we'd all take different keys to press so more people could get involved.
4. Ratchet & Clank - Because it was one of my first games for Playstation 2 and I can't get enough of the series. I got the PS2 as a bonus for babysitting all summer for a family and it locked in my love of all things Playstation.
5. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - One of first games that I bought with my Playstation 3. I didn't actually start playing it until the announcement of Uncharted 2. I love my PS3. I have many popular titles, but nothing has excited me more than Uncharted 2 trying to take full advantage of the Playstation 3's capabilities.
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